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Maarten van der Ven

VENFILM is a Dutch production company established in 2012 by producer Maarten van der Ven (1981).

"I love to work with a passionate (young) visual author , who is eager to tell a story that intends to make a difference to the targeted audience. To reach that goal I think it is essential that a producer is taking part in every creative step of the process. By knowing every pore of the story and what's essential for the author, the right choices within limited resources can be made.

To me, making an essential contribution to a film and learning how to make that difference, is most important. That is why I produce within VENFILM, but also work as a freelance creative and line producer for acknowledged production companies within the Netherlands."

News | Development

May 2017 | VENFILM update


* Waterboys, the first feature produced by VENFILM, drew over 52.000 visitors to the Dutch art houses and is currently available on demand and on DVD within the Benelux. Robert Jan Westdijk’s film will have it’s international festival premiere announced shortly and represented by sales agent WIDE management the film can soon be seen in 35 countries in Asia and Central Europe.  

* In 2017 we will be shooting Thessa Meijer’s debut The day my house fell including a beautiful Flemish cast including Peter van den Begin, Wim Opbrouck and Wim Willaert. The medium length film is a coproduction with VPRO for the One Night Stand talent development program

* Currently we are developing several projects, a.o. the debut feature of Aaron Rookus, Infaust, which he writes in collaboration with Lineke van den Boezem. And Dwight Fagbamilla is writing Ibinu, a One Night Stand which we hope to shoot next year.

* Isabella Films and VENFILM joined forces as Dutch minority coproducer for EDEN, the 4th feature by Hungarian director Agnes Kocsis. We got support of both the minority scheme as the production incentive of the Netherlands Film Fund. EDEN is to be shot later this year.

* A day off, a short by Wouter Stoter, got several festival selections (a.o Encounters UK, Regensburg, Go Short) and nominations for Best Short at Zagreb IFF, Izmir ISFF, Undercurrent ISFF. Copyrette by Marc de Leeuw got nominated for Best Film, Best Director and Best Editing at the 2017 Shortcutz Awards, Tibor Dingelstad won the award for Best Cinematography.


September 2015 | Golden Calf Nomination

After the nomination in 2014 for the documentary A goat for vote, VENFILM this year got a nomination for a Golden Calf in the short film category: Wouter Stoter’s recently finished film A day off (Een vrije dag) is one of the three nominees. From the jury report: “…allmost fully visually told, the film is funny and entertaining from beginning to end thanks to the pungent editing, the clear mise-en-scene and the disarming performance by Marc Madelyn. With this fresh and playfull film Wouter Stoter shows he has fully mastered short storytelling.” The award ceremony of the ‘Dutch Oscars’ will take place on the 2nd of October.



July 2015 | Shooting Waterboys 

In July and August  we will be shooting VENFILM’s first feature film: Waterboys by writer/director Robert Jan Westdijk. Key cast consists of Leopold Witte, Tim Linde, Helen Belbin and Julie McLellan. To follow the shoot like Waterboys – The film

January 2015 | Looking back on an amazing year and forward

What a great year 2014 has been. The year started perfect with the news that VENFILM could make Aaron Rookus’ NTR KORT! ‘P’. It was lovely to work with a dedicated crew and cast and you can watch the film here.

Highlight was The Netherlands Film festival in september. Not only ‘P’ premiered, Jeroen van Velzen’s documentary ‘A goat for a vote’ received a Golden Calf nomination. And two films that where line produced by Maarten won: Rob Lücker for his short ‘Das Wad’ for Best Short and the feature ‘Aanmodderfakker’ by Michiel Ten Horn won the Golden Calf’s for Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

The year ended with a new and exiting project with writer/director Robert-Jan Westdijk. Together we are financing the feature ‘Waterboys’ and if all goes well we will shoot it this year. More about that project in Dutch here.

And there is the feeling that 2015 is going to bring even more…



July 2014 | ‘P’ & ‘A goat for a vote’ both selected for Golden Calf competition

The two VENFILM productions of 2014, the short ‘P’ by Aaron Rookus and the documentary ‘A goat for a vote’ by Jeroen van Velzen have both been selected for the Golden Calf competition at the Netherlands Film Festival in september. Van Velzen’s documentary will also screen at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival.


May 2014 | Shoot short film ‘P’ by Aaron Rookus 

During 3 sunny days in May, the team of ‘P’ shot the tragicomical short by Aaron Rookus. Key cast of the film: Koen De Graeve (De Helaasheid der Dingen), Rifka Lodeizen (Simon, Kan door huid heen), Bas van Prooijen, Yentl Meijer, Fabian Jansen en Marie-Louise Stheins.

'P' still


January 2014 | VENFILM will shoot an NTR KORT! by Aaron Rookus

VENFILM, together with 10 other production companies, was selected out of over a 100 submissions to make a film within the NTR KORT! 2014. The 10-minute short film ‘P’ was written by Saskia Diesing and will be directed by Aaron Rookus. The film will be shot during summer and will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival in september.

Logline:  A family reaches boiling point during a pit stop on their way home from what might be their last holiday together. But the volatile cocktail of sweltering heat, restless hormones and suppressed frustration fails to explode, leading instead to reconciliation.


January 2014 | Wednesdays big winner of Shortcutz Awards 2013 

Winnen Shortcutz

Aaron Rookus wins the prize for Best Director and we win Best Film, which means we get 10.000 Euro to spend at Camalot and Filmmore on a new Film. The prize was awarded by producers Jeroen Koolbergen and Jan Harlan, one of the producers of Stanley Kubrick…

Watch ‘Wednesdays’


December 2013 | In het niets –  television premiere

Poster In het niets

It was a great honor to work with a very devoted team on the 50-minute film ‘In het niets’ (Into thin air), written by Bastiaan Tichler and directed by Daniel Bruce. The production company was CTM LEV Pictures and I was both a creative and a line producer.

1992: The Ghanaian illegal Agymah (50) lives a heavy-headed life as a cook in an outskirt area of Amsterdam. When ambitious dreamer Nina (12) arrives, the silence is over. Nina drives Agymah crazy with her incautious way of life and her eagerness to make contact within the world outside of the flat. In the end he understands that this is exactly what he has been escaping from the last few years and he realizes he must choose for life instead of waiting for death. When the El Al flight 1862 crashes into their building, Agymah desperately tries to find the girl that gave him a reason to live.

Into thin air is the first film that tells the human story of the Bijlmer crash, which has been in the collective memory of The Netherlands. Officially there where 43 casualties, but because of the big number of illegal residents the number will never be known.

People in the Netherlands can watch the film here.

Watch ‘Into thin air’

 2013 | Busy year

2013 was a busy year: VENFILM finished the short ‘Balance’ by Aaron Rookus, second part of the diptych with ‘Wednesdays’ dealing with sexual abuse. Together with Een van de jongens and IKON we produced the second documentary by Jeroen van Velzen set in Kenya, which will be broadcasted in February 2014.

On the creative and line producing side Maarten produced ‘In het niets’ by Daniel Bruce and ‘Speelman’ by Klaartje Quirijns in the first half of the year. In the second half there was the first line production of a feature, Rolf van Eijk’s ‘T.I.M.’ And after that there was the line production of the short ‘Waiting for Marissa’ by the same director.

What a year, looking forward to 2014!

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • CTM LEV Pictures
    line producer | creative producer
    work experience img
    Issaka Sawadogo in Into thin air


    Into thin air (In het niets) | fiction by Daniel Bruce | screenplay by Bastiaan Tichler

    Speelman | fiction by Klaartje Quirijns | screenplay by Jaap-Peter Enderle


    Development of 4 x 50 minute single plays within the 'One Night Stand' program, 3 selected for realisation

    Chopper | short animation by Lars Damoiseaux

    Arash | short by Michael Sewandono | screenplay by Bastiaan Tichler

    Fly | music video by Lennart Verstegen
  • Pupkin Film
    line producer
    work experience img


    My Foolish Heart | feature by Rolf van Eijk


    Quality Time | feature by Daan Bakker


    The Peter Pan Man (Aanmodderfakker) | feature by Michiel Ten Horn | screenplay by Anne Barnhoorn
  • Dutch Mountain Film
    line producer
    work experience img
    Poster T.I.M.


    Undercover | feature film by Boris Paval Conen | screenplay by Bastiaan Kroeger & Boris Paval Conen


    T.I.M. | feature film by Rolf van Eijk | screenplay by Bastiaan Tichler

    Waiting for Marissa | short by Rolf van Eijk | screenplay by Zoubaid Sjeik Joessoef
  • IJswater Films
    line producer
    work experience img
    Poster of Anouar's Moon


    Anouar's Moon (De maan van Anouar) | short by Michiel van Jaarsveld | screenplay Amarins Romkema

    Mister Braker (Meneer Braker) | short by Boris Paval Conen | screenplay by Zoeteke Lugthart


    Bye (Dag) | short by Tamar van Dop | screenplay by Esther Duysker

    For observation (Ter Observatie) | short by Eche Janga | screenplay by Sammy Reijnaert
  • Lemming Film
    Line producer
    work experience img
    Still from Brother


    Brother (Broer) | short by Sasha Polak | screenplay by Gerry de Hoogh
  • Isabella Films
    Junior producer | PA
    work experience img
    Poster for Lena

    2010 - 2011 | junior producer

    Lena | feature by Christophe van Rompaey | screenplay by Mieke de Jong

    N.N. | development screenplay with Ineke Smits and Dana Linssen

    working on several feature film projects a.o.. Adrienn Pal by Agnes Kocsis and The ZigZag Kid by Vincent Bal

    2007 - 2009 | PA of CEO Els Vandevorst (internship)

    working on several feature film projects a.o. Winter in Wartime by Martin Koolhoven and The Aviatrix of Kazbek by Ineke Smits
  • Education
    work experience img
    Winning the Tuschinski Award for Best Exam Film for Bingo

    2012 | creative producers lab at Binger Filmlab

    2012 | Berlinale Talent Campus

    2011 | IDFAcademy

    2011 | Rotterdam Lab, IFFR

    2009 | bachelor degree Netherlands Film Academy

    2004 | bachelor degree Media Studies at Utrecht University


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